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Tejas Movie 2023 | Release Date | Trailer | Cast


Tejas is a new Hindi-language upcoming movie. Firstly, this movie is about Tejas Gull (Kangana Ranaut). She played a role as an Air Force pilot in this movie. In this movie, she faces many challenges during her journey to protect their country. The main aim of this movie was to inspire and make people proud of the country’s brave soldiers.

Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas Delayed

Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas was delayed due to COVID-19; otherwise, it was supposed to be released in 2020 or 2021.

Tejas Movie 2023 | Release Date | Trailer | Cast

Release Date of Tejas Movie

Finally, the movie Tejas will be released soon. October 27, 2023

Movie Genre

This movie genre is action, drama, and thriller.


This movie conveyed a message for brave and strong-hearted women, who are actually uniform women. Those women basically sacrifice everything for the pride of their country. The poster of this movie was released two years ago. Moreover, the main focus of Teja’s movie was to encourage and show respect in their hearts for the country’s brave army.

Tejas Movie 2023 | Release Date | Trailer | Cast


The budget of the Kangana movie Tejas is 40 to 50 crore.

Kangana To Portray Air Force Pilot in Tejas Movie

Kangana talked about her role in this movie as an Air Force pilot, in which she presented the struggle of the country’s soldiers, such as uniformed men and women. They sacrifice their lives for the country in the line of duty every day. She actually shows honor for the country, including celebrities from the country. Moreover, she further told us that our film celebrates country heroes. Kangana was excited to be a part of this journey with Sarvesh and Ronnie.

Cast and Crew of Tejas Movie

Director Sarvesh Mewara
Writer Sarvesh Mewara

Top Cast

Real NameStage Name
Kangana Ranaut
Anshul Chauhan
Varun Mitra
Mirko QuainiTourist
Anuj KhuranaFlight Instructor
Veenah NaairDefence Minister
Aakash AhujaAditya Singhal
Rahul SahuTerrorist
Ozgur KurtNorweigan Ambassador
Arnob Khan Akib
Sankalp GuptaChief Air Force Officer
Chirag Bhanot
Puvika GuptaLeopold Girl
Rohed KhanSarqalam

More Details of Tejas

Release DateOctober 27, 2023
country of OriginIndia
Also Known asStar Shooter
Production CompanyRSVP

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