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Thanksgiving Movie 2023 | Release Date, Trailer, and Full Cast |


Thanksgiving is an upcoming movie in 2023. Moreover, the director of this movie is Eli Roth. Furthermore, the writers of this movie are Jeff Rendell, and Eli Roth.

Storyline of Thanksgiving Movie 2023

Moreover, the storyline of this movie is amazing, basically, this movie is horror. Furthermore, once upon a time, there was a very big fight on Friday. And there was something happen very sad. Plymouth, Massachusetts, where Thanksgiving began, witnessed these events.

Furthermore, after the end of the sad day, a strange and scary person starts to do bad things in Plymouth. This person seemed that he is very inspired by Thanksgiving, but not in a really good way.

Moreover, Plymouth is known as a good and welcoming place, in the next it seems like very scary and confusing. Due to this bad person.

Finally, the people who were in Plymouth were very worried and confused because they didn’t know what should they do. It was not supposed to be Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving made everyone scared.

Thanksgiving Movie 2023 | Release Date, Trailer, and Full Cast |


Thanksgiving movie genre is basically divided into three types such as:

  1. Horror
  2. Drama
  3. Thriller

Release Date of Thanksgiving Movie 2023

Finally, this movie is scheduled to be released and shown at Cinema House on November 17, 2023.

Thanksgiving Movie 2023 | Release Date, Trailer, and Full Cast |

Official Trailer

Thanksgiving Movie 2023 | Release Date, Trailer, and Full Cast |

Cast and Crew of Thanksgiving Movie 2023

DirectorEli Roth
WritersJeff Rendell
Eli Roth

Top Cast

Real NameStage Name
Rick Hoffman
Russell YuenDetective Peter Chu
Shailyn GriffinAmy
Patrick Dempsey
Tomaso Sanelli
Jeff TeravainenLabelle
Addison Rae
Amanda BarkerLizzie
Chris SandifordDoug
Mika Amonsen
Milo ManheimRyan
Jordan PooleJacob
Nell Verlaque
Karen ClicheKathleen
Jalen Thomas Brooks
Gina Gershon
Tim Dillon
Jenna WarrenYulia

More Details

Release DateNovember 17, 2023
Duration1h 47m
WritersJeff Rendell
Eli Roth
DirectorEli Roth
Country OriginUnited States
Production CompaniesCream Productions
Ethereal Visage Productions
Spyglass Media Group
Filming LocationPort Perry
Also known asLễ Tạ Ơn Kinh Hoàng

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