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The Marsh King’s Daughter Movie 2023 | Release Date and Trailer


The Marsh King’s Daughter is an upcoming movie in 2023. Moreover, the director of this movie is Neil Burger. Furthermore, the writers of this movie are Elle Smith, Mark L. Smith, and Karen Dionne.

Storyline of The Marsh King’s Daughter

Firstly, in the story of this movie, there is a woman who is on a mission. She is not too out to save the world. Furthermore, her mission is personal. She is trying to take revenge. This is not just revenge she’s taking revenge from a man who kidnaps her mother.

Moreover, you can feel her pain this is like a suspense thriller and she is a leading lady. Furthermore, she is trying to not let the guy get away with it.

Firstly, the lady is trying to get justice. Her all-over journey is looking for justice for her family. Secondly, She wants to take revenge on the guy who kidnapped her mother. Furthermore, revenge is a more powerful motivator as compared to other things. Finally, in this story, our heroine is navigate to confront her past and fight for the future of her family.

She will succeed in her mission?

Moreover, if you want to know the answer to this question you will dive into the story to find out.

The Marsh King's Daughter Movie 2023 | Release Date and Trailer


The Marsh King’s Daughter movie genre is basically divided into three types such as:

  1. Crime
  2. Drama
  3. Mystery

Release Date

Finally, this movie is scheduled to be released and shown at Cinema House on November 3, 2023.

The Marsh King's Daughter Movie 2023 | Release Date and Trailer

Trailer of The Marsh King’s Daughter

Cast and Crew of The Marsh King’s Daughter

WritersElle Smith
Mark L. Smith
Karen Dionne
DirectorNeil Burger

Top Cast

Real NameStage Name
Joseph DalyElderly Man
Caren PistoriusHelena’s mother
Imali PereraDonna
Ben MendelsohnJacob Holbrook
Pamela MacDonaldMrs. Haver
Gil BirminghamClark
Garrett HedlundStephen Pelletier
Joey CarsonMarigold Pelletier
Chris VioletteChris
Brooklynn PrinceYoung Helena
Daisy RidleyHelena Pelletier
Ash CatherwoodState Police Deputy

More Details

MovieThe Marsh King’s Daughter
Release dateNovember 3, 2023
DirectorNeil Burger
WritersElle Smith
Mark L. Smith
Karen Dionne
Duration1h 48m
Music by Adam Janota
Cinematography byAlwin H. Küchler
Editing byNaomi Geraghty
Production Design byTim Grimes
Music DepartmentAnnette Kudrak music editor
Tom Skyrme additional composer
Gisburg Smialek music editor

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