Bear Superstitions: Fact or Fiction


Superstitions about the bear have been known in the subcontinent and in other countries for centuries; after the snake, perhaps it is the only animal about which they have been known. So in this blog, we will try to find out to what extent the ridiculous superstitions about bears are true. How much of what people say about bears is true? And how much is fiction? So in this blog, we will try to know all these things and understand how true or false they are. Today let’s talk about the Bear

Lover Bear

People believe that the most absurd myth about bears is that they can be attracted to women or girls. In such a case, he pursues and supervises him until he gets a chance to abduct him. Then he takes it to his cave. He licks the soles of his feet, making her unable to walk. So that he can’t run away. The Bear is so sensitive in this matter that it kills the husband or lover of its beloved with jealousy. Anwar Aligi’s book “Mysteries of Bears” has acted like oil on fire in spreading this superstition.

Bear Superstitions: Fact or Fiction
Lover Bear Fiction

The Reality of Bear Superstitions

Bears are not interested in any woman except their own. Only if a bear is very hungry and sees a man or woman in its forest will it be interested in them.

Show yourself dead in front of the Bear

From childhood stories, we have heard that if you face a Bear, you should lie on the ground and show yourself dead.

The Reality of Bear Superstitions

To pretend to be dead in front of a bear is like presenting oneself to the Bear on a plate. Moreover, Bears also eat carcasses. Bears have to eat and drink well before winter to make themselves fat. To keep the extra fat alive during hibernation and keep them alive. Otherwise, they will die of hunger in the state of sleep but will not be able to wake up. Therefore, bears eat grass, honey, fish, and living or dead animals regularly

Bear Superstitions: Fact or Fiction
Bear superstitions

What should be done in front of a black Bear?

Instead of pretending to be dead in front of a black bear, yelling at the top of your lungs, waving a stick, shirt, or anything else, or running in its direction while yelling, is an authentic way to scare it away.

What should be done in front of a hungry Bear?

When faced with a brown bear, it is the authentic way to retreat, step by step, with a look in its eyes.

Can’t a bear run down a slope?

A bear cannot run downhill on a slope. So run down the slope when you encounter a Bear.
And if there is no slope at the end, So ask the bear if there is a steep path five kilometers away, come with me there, and catch me.

The Reality of Bear Superstitions

Not only can a bear run down a slope, but it can run better and faster than a human.

Does a Bear have poor eyesight?

No, A bear’s eyesight is quite sharp and clear.

The Reality of Bear Superstitions

A bear can see well up to a distance of 1200 feet. And after seeing the exact location of the fish in the flowing water, he hunts it.

Does sitting on a Bear cure many diseases?

Another ridiculous superstition believed in the subcontinent. The Orbiters made the Bear famous with their dancing. That the child who sits on the bear’s back for a few moments will get rid of all his diseases. So the children ask the orbiters to sit on the bear. And then the Children give the money to the orbiters.

The Reality of Bear Superstitions

Bearskin does not have any healing properties that can cure any human disease.
It is like a bear saying that sitting on a person’s back cures bears of diseases.

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