Heart Anxiety Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


In this blog, we will try to understand Heart Anxiety. What causes heart anxiety, and why does it happen? How can it be treated? What are the reasons that cause it? We will also understand in this blog what measures should be taken to avoid Heart Anxiety. Thus, enzymes can affect every human organ. like the heart, brain, stomach, skin, etc., but today we understand heart anxiety. It is a psychological problem.

What is anxiety?

Heart Anxiety Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Anxiety is a psychological condition like anxiety, panic, and fear. There are many types of anxiety, and a patient can have many mental illnesses at the same time. But in patients with heart anxiety, the heart rate becomes too fast at any time. Moreover, the heart rate goes up to 150 or 200, which is the normal range of 60 to 100. The patient feels that his heart is going to burst; he is afraid that he is going to have a heart attack, that the heart is going to stop, or that he is going to die. Due to this, patients with heart nervousness are getting ECGs repeatedly. And a lot of patients also undergo ECO echocardiography, which comes back normal. Angiography is also completely normal for heart nervousness. In fact, the patient does not have a heart attack. And neither do they have any heart disease.

Heart Anxiety is a psychological problem

Yes, it is a psychological problem. It is a unique disease in which the patient repeatedly voluntarily undergoes an ECG because he thinks that he actually has heart disease.

Heart Anxiety Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
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Symptoms of Heart anxiety

  1. A sudden increase in heart rate. OR feeling the heart stop.
  2. Having a heart attack after hearing the news of someone’s death.
  3. To be afraid, to tremble after hearing something.
  4. long breathing As if breathing had stopped.
  5. Feeling heartbroken.
  6. Even a feeling of heaviness in the chest or pain in the arm. Which increases fear.
  7. The repeated occurrence of such symptoms is actually a sign of anxiety.

Blood pressure (BP) problem in Heart Anxiety?

However, BP is not a problem for people under the age of 40. Rather, it is a phobia or anxiety.

Causes of Heart Anxiety

Firstly, masturbating and watching porn is considered an important cause of psychological problems among young people. Secondly, heart anxiety in young people is caused by watching nude movies and often masturbating. In older men, the reason for this is to suffer from stomach problems for a long time. Finally, the stomach produces gases, and iBS occurs. Moreover, for virgin girls, the reason for this is porn-watching and fingering. While in married women, it is due to pregnancy and pregnancy complications and porn-watching habits.
There are many other causes of anxiety.

Chemical Imbalance

Acute or chronic stress can alter the chemical balance that controls your mood. Experiencing too much stress for a long period of time can lead to anxiety.

Environmental Factors

Experiencing trauma, witnessing an accident, etc. And hyperthyroidism can also cause anxiety.

Diagnosis of heart Anxiety

Consult a doctor for a diagnosis. Do not repeat the ECG or echo on your own. All the test results will be normal. When the ECG is clear a couple of times, heart anxiety is the biggest lie in the world. Neither the heart will stop, nor will there be a heart attack, nor will death occur, these are the thoughts of an empty patient. Rather, take proper treatment for anxiety.

Treatment of Heart Anxiety

Consult a doctor for treatment. There should be no shame or hesitation in getting treatment because anxiety is a very nasty disease. Which leaves the patient useless. The rest of the medicine should not be left at will, the duration of the treatment should be completed.

  1. The doctor’s advice should be followed.
  2. Take the prescribed antidepressants.
  3. Reduce your caffeine intake.
  4. Eat a healthy diet.
  5. Do deep breathing exercises.
  6. Avoid masturbation and watching porn.

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