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The Holdovers Movie 2023 | Release date, Full Cast, and Trailer |


The Holdovers is an upcoming movie in 2023. Moreover, the director of this movie is Alexander Payne. Moreover, the writer of this movie is David Hemingson.

Storyline of The Holdovers Movie 2023

Firstly, in this movie, there is a teacher Paul Hunham and nobody likes him. Moreover his students, his fellows, and other teachers. Even the headmaster also didn’t like him. Because no one is there who faces his attitude tone.

Moreover, everything will happen during the Christmas holiday in 1970. Paul has no way to go anywhere he has no family. And he decided to live around the school and keep an eye on those students who didn’t go home. After some days, there will be one student only inside the school. His name is Angus. Actually, he is a very beautiful and bright student. But he mostly takes off from school due to his bad behavior.

Moreover, the plot of the movie takes a twist. when Mary, the head cook, joins the mix. Mary is an African-American lady. she’s a cook for privileged students. The tragic thing is that her son was lost during the Vietnam War. These are three different people who spend time together during the Christmas holidays inside the school. Moreover, they have some seriously comical mishaps during two crazy snowy weeks in New England.

Finally, the big lesson in this movie is that they help each other. And they see that they’re not stuck with their pasts. And they can actually choose their own futures.

The Holdovers Movie 2023 | Release date, Full Cast, and Trailer |


The Holdovers movie genre is basically divided into two types such as:

  1. Drama
  2. Comedy

Release Date The Holdovers Movie 2023

Finally, this movie is scheduled to be released and shown at Cinema House on November 10, 2023.

The Holdovers Movie 2023 | Release date, Full Cast, and Trailer |

Cast and Crew of The Holdovers Movie 2023

DirectorAlexander Payne
WriterDavid Hemingson

Top Cast

Real NameStage Name
Paul GiamattiPaul Hunham
Stephen ThorneThomas Tully
Juanita PearlMary’s Sister, Peggy
Carrie PrestonMiss Lydia Crane
Dustin TuckerMr. Rosensweig
Dominic SessaAngus Tully
Michael ProvostJason Smith
Alexander CookPriest
Naheem GarciaDanny
Brady HepnerTeddy Kountze
Tate DonovanStanley Clotfelter
Darby Lee-StackElise(as Darby Lily Lee-Stack)
Ian DolleyAlex Ollerman
Gillian VigmanJudy Clotfelter
Jim KaplanYe-Joon Park
Bill MootosMr. Endicott
Da’Vine Joy RandolphMary Lamb
Andrew GarmanDr. Hardy Woodrup

More Details

MovieThe Holdovers
Release DateNovember 10, 2023
DirectorAlexander Payne
WriterDavid Hemingson
TaglinesDiscomfort And Joy
Music by Mark Orton
Cinematography by Eigil Bryld
Editing byKevin Tent
Casting By Susan Shopmaker

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