International News Channel and Top 10 Platforms


Today, we are discussing the top ten international news channel and broadcasts. Firstly, we will look at those news channels as a ranking in the world. Secondly, we will go through that when they are launched. Finally, we will discuss their authenticity and credibility in the global media.

FOX International news channel

International news channel FOX News

This news channel is the first-ranked news channel in the world. FOX News (FNC) is an American television news channel. Rupert Murdoch founded Fox News Channel. This channel belongs to the Fox Corporation of the 21st century. 


International news channel

This is the second worldwide-ranked news channel. NBCUniversal created MSNBC. As of September 2018, approximately 87 million households in the US received MSNBC. NBCUniversal launched MSNBC on July 15, 1996.

BBC International news channel

BBC news channel

BBC comes in the 3rd position of ranking in the world of news channels. Firstly, The BBC News channel is the most popular news channel in the world. Secondly, The BBC is one of the largest and oldest channels. The channel’s headquarters are located in Greater London, United Kingdom. Finally, BBC is broadcasted to the whole world, and the world’s audience is satisfied with the news of BBC. 


SKY news channel

The position of the Sky News channel is the 4th number out of ten. Moreover, this is also a worldwide channel. First, Sky News is a British free-to-air television news channel. Secondly, It was founded on February 5, 1989. Finally, It is owned by Sky Group, a division of Comcast.

Al-Arabiya International news channel

news channel

Al-Arabiya comes in the 5th position of ranking in the world of news channels. The Saudi Broadcasting Company, MBC, owns Al-Arabiya, a news channel. The Middle East audience ranks it among the top pan-Arab stations.  Barack Obama gives his first formal interview as president to Al-Arabiya.

Al-Jazeera International news channel

International news channel

Al-Jazeera comes in the 6th position of ranking in the world of news channels. Moreover, this news channel is known as an international news channel. Qatar funds Al-Jazeera. The channel initially covered Arabic News as a satellite TV channel. Al-Jazeera receives funding from the Qatari Government but maintains its editorial independence.


CNN news channel

This news channel ranks 7th worldwide. Moreover, CNN news channel is an international news network. First, this news channel is the 7th-ranked news channel in the world. Secondly, this news channel was started in 1980 by Ted Turner. Finally, it was the first channel to provide 24-hour news. CNN stands for Cable News Network.

EURO NEWS International news channel


EURO NEWS comes in the 8th position of ranking in the world of news channels. Moreover, the Euro News channel Europen news channel. France set up the news on January 1, 1993. It’s a multilingual news channel. EuroNews is based in almost 155 countries.

NDTV International news channel


This news channel, NDTV, ranks 9th worldwide. New Dehli Television Limited (NDTV) is an Indian television media company. NTDV started as a content provider for Doordarshan. NDTV launched 24X7 in 2003.

GEO News

GEO News

This news channel, GEO, ranks 10th worldwide. Firstly, Geo News is a non-public Pakistani TV news channel. Secondly, “The Independent Media Corporation,” which owns Jung’s group of newspapers, owns this network. Finally, Geo News is the most prominent Urdu news channel in Pakistan.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. FOX
  3. MSNBC
  4. BBC
  6. Al-Arabiya
  7. Al-Jazeera
  10. NDTV
  11. GEO News

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