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Meera Movie 2023 | Release date and Full Cast |


Meera is an upcoming Hindi-language movie in 2023. Moreover, it is a Bollywood movie. Firstly, the director of this movie is Dilip Dixit, and he is also the writer of this movie.

Storyline: Meera Movie 2023

Meera’s story is very different from other movies. Firstly, this movie is not only about his struggle. Furthermore, it is also very impressive how she turned it all around. Moreover, in this movie, she becomes the symbol of women’s empowerment and self-support. Meera’s success and her entrepreneurship didn’t stop there. Secondly, her success impresses everyone in her village. Consequently, Meera challenges all the cruel beliefs that are held in her community. Lastly, this movie is amazing about how one person can change everything, and her journey changes the thoughts of the community.

Meera Movie 2023 | Release date and Full Cast |


Meera movie genre is drama.

Release Date Meera Movie 2023

Finally, this movie is scheduled to be released and shown at Cenima House on October 27, 2023.

Meera Movie 2023 | Release date and Full Cast |

Cast and Crew

Director and WriterDilip Dixit

Top Cast Meera Movie 2023

Real NameStage Name
Heena VardeMeera
Parmeshwar SirsikarDhanki’s Father
Dharal ShahRamila
Jiya BhattMeena
Magan LuharDhansukh
Harshida PankhaniyaKanu
Sanjay ParmarNirmal
Keyuri MadlaniManju
Chetan DaiyaKirti
Neel Joshi
Atul LakhaniMohan
Reeva RachhDhanki
Priti ThakkarDhanki’s Mother
Kinnal NayakMeera’s Mother
Maulik ChauhanAvinash

More Details

Movie Meera 2023
Director and WriterDilip Dixit
Release DateOctober 27, 2023
Produced byKhushanu Dixit
Music byAlap Desai
Cinematography bySuraj Kurade
Editing byManoj Kale online editor
Nirav Panchal
Additional CrewAnkit Brahmbhatt Digital Marketing
Brijesh Dedhia Publicity Design
Sound DepartmentHengul Medhi sound designer
Chetan Patel sound recordist
Nandlal Verma Sound Line Producer

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