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Mandali Movie 2023 | Release Date and Cast |


Mandali is an upcoming Hindi-language movie in 2023. It is a Bollywood movie. Firstly, the director of this movie is Rakesh Chaturvedi Om. Secondly, the writers of this movie are Vinay Agrahari, Pallav Jain, and Rakesh Chaturvedi Om.

Storyline of Mandali Movie 2023

Basically, this movie is about a guy named Purshottam Chaubey, or Puru, which is the short name of the guy. Puru comes from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Puru and his cousin, Sitaram Chaubey In this movie, they are both part of a Ramleela Mandali, where they play the roles of Lord Laxman and Lord Ram. Firstly, their Mandali is led by Sitaram’s dad, Ramsevak Chaubey. Secondly, Ramsevak Chaubey is super passionate about keeping the Ramleela authentic and pure. They are without any vulgarity or commercial nonsense.

In this movie, we will see, that one day things will change; basically, everything will take a turn into dark things during the performance. Because of the single mistake that will happen from Sitaram. Due to the mistake, their Mandali will be broken. And Ramsevak leaves Ramleela for the goods. But even though he was not ready to give up. Finally, he would fight from start to finish to keep the tradition alive. And then, he faced a lot of challenges but he never gave up.

Consequently, Puru starts his own Mandali, but he fails, and tries again he nave loses hope.

Puru joins another Mandali as a junior artist and he never loses hope he will try a lot, and face challenges. Moreover, Puru’s life was not too easy, but he finally decided that he never give up until death. He keeps his goal in his mind and he faces every hard challenge that will come in his path. In the end, the story of this movie is basically about struggle and fight for what’s right.

Genre of Mandali Movie 2023

The Genre is this movie is Drama.

Release Date of Mandali Movie 2023

Finally, this movie is scheduled to be released and shown at Cenima House on October 27, 2023.

Mandali Movie 2023 | Release Date and Cast |

Cast and Crew

Director Rakesh Chaturvedi Om
WriterVinay Agrahari
Pallav Jain
Rakesh Chaturvedi Om

Top Cast

Real NameStage Name
Kanwaljeet SinghRajiv Narayan Singh
Rajneesh DuggalOmkar Singh
Bhasha SumbliRashmi Choubey
Krish GuptaInspector Harisharan’s Son
Sandeepan Vimalkant NagarChangu Pradhan
Vineet KumarRamsewak Choubey
Abhishek DuhanPurshottam Chobey
Brijendra KalaNaushad Ansari
Aanchal Munjal
Ashwath BhattSitaram Choubey
Neeraj SoodInspector Harisharan
Mark ArvindAnjana
Vijay KumarBrijesh
Alka AminKusum Choubey
Saharsh Kumar ShuklaAshish Shukla

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