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Bombay Movie 2023: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast


Bombay is a new Hindi-language upcoming movie. This movie genre is action. It will be released on November 24, 2023, in cinemas. Basically, the storyline is about an underground gang. This movie contains a very amazing cast.

Bombay Movie Plot

Firstly, Ulas Mathre, his close friend Nana Tatya, and Sherry worked together in Mumbai. This was the most powerful gang in Mumbai. secondly one day, Tatya disappeared. In this movie, Ulas Mathre is an underworld don who controls all his activities with his gang members. Nana, Tatya, and Sherry.

In this movie, Ulas Mathre likes many women. However, he starts his relationship with a married woman whose name is Rekha. Her daughter’s name was Kriti. One day, Ulas Mathre began to take an interest in Rekha’s daughter. Rekha warned him to stay away from my daughter. Mathre hurts Kirti in front of her mom. When Rekha tried to protect Kirti, he killed Rekha. Finally, Kiriti’s mother’s death destroyed her, and she began to take her own life.

Bombay Movie

Bombay Movie: Mysterious Twist

The Ulas told Tatya to hide the dead body of Rekha inside Rekha’s bungalow; however, Tatya disappeared. Consequently, the police started to search for Tatya, but unfortunately, he was not there, and as a result, the police didn’t find any evidence anywhere he might be.

Tatya called Mathre and informed him that he was hiding in Rekha’s bungalow. After this, Mathre reached there with Nana and Sherry at Rekha’s banglow. Moreover, it was very shocking that Tatya attacked Mathre.

It was unexpected that Tatya would overpower Mathre. Nana considered that a chance to become a new leader, so he tried to kill Mathre. Consequently, in the end, Nana gets killed.

Bombay Movie

Second Twist

Moreover, Sherry gets pregnant with Mathre’s child. They started life together. The mystery got deeper when Sherry was killed by someone else.

The mystery of this movie raised some questions, such as

Who was the killer of Sherry?

Was it himself, Mathre, or someone else playing a game with him?

Main Theme of Bombay Movie

Finally, the story of this movie revealed some negative things, like greed, lust, power, and ultimately death by murder.

Crew of Bombay Movie

  1. Sanjay Niranjan – Director
  2. Sanjay Niranjan – writer
  3. Firdos Shaikh -producer
  4. Manhor Patil – Art Director
  5. Komal Verma – Film Editor
  6. Honey satamkar – Background Source of the movie

The Cast of Bombay Movie

Real-life nameStage Name
Ashish WarangBhuteshwar
Neelima MishraKirti
Vaibhav PagareVicky
Prakash DhotreAbdul Chacha
Noel TigerAbdulla
Moses FernandezAnthony
Gavie ChahalUlas Mhatre
Vandana LalwaniS.P. Deshpande
Ganesh PaiTatya
Jassi SinghMaster ji
Deepshikha NagpalRekha
Deepak BhatiaJack
Himmat MavAakash
Pradeep KabraMike
Akshita AgnihotriSharmila
Pari MirzaSherry
Danish Bhatt Nana

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